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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity is a premium cruise company aimed primarily at passengers over 35, although they're now beginning to focus on the family market. The cabins on Celebrity are among some of the most spacious at sea, and they aim to have passengers leaving their ships both relaxed and enriched at the end of their cruise.

Celebrity cruise around the world, and some of the more popular destinations include Canada, Alaska, the Galapagos, and Europe.

Stylish and classy, Celebrity cruises are also remarkably good value for money. Celebrity have succeeded in providing a premium product with the personal service usually found on a smaller vessel, and applied it to their much larger megaships, resulting in lower prices and a wider demographic.

Why Choose Celebrity?

Foodies love Celebrity, and the line has long had a reputation for some of the best cuisine in the business. Passengers are also attracted to the excellent service, as well as the many entertainment and activity options onboard.

Known for the incredible art collections on their ships, the museum-quality art includes both contemporary and traditional art.

Perhaps the biggest point of difference is the Lawn Club-a real manicured lawn on the upper deck of the Solstice-class ships. This allows passengers to feel the grass between their toes and enjoy lunch, while soaking up the sun and gazing at the sea-a truly unique experience. The Emporium Complex is full of unique and interesting shops, with a large variety that will keep even the most avid shopaholic satisfied. Between the trendy boutiques and tempting jewelry shops, you'll be occupied for hours. Shopping at sea is tax and duty-free, so really you're saving money. Right?

Celebrity Food:

Celebrity has a reputation to uphold as far as the food onboard is concerned, and over the last few years the competition has been lifting its game. No problem for this line though, as they've made it their mission to provide the best gourmet cuisine around.

Celebrity has a main dining room where you can either choose a set dining time or eat whenever you feel like it with Celebrity Select Dining. Celebrity also has a huge range of specialty restaurants available, including the Lawn Club Grill where you can eat in an open-air environment overlooking the Lawn Club, and Murano, where you'll find contemporary French Cuisine.

Try Qsine, which takes comfort food and old favorites and gives them a new twist-like the popcorn fish and chips. Or perhaps stop by Blu, which focuses on healthy food without skimping on taste.


Celebrity launched CelebrityLife in 2009, and it's basically a plethora of enrichment activities divided into four categories: Taste, Learn, Revive and Play.


The line offers a range of culinary activities, including the Star Chefs Cooking Competition, where the chefs onboard compete daily with the help of passengers for the title of Best Chef Honors. Take a mixology class, or perhaps a food and wine paring workshop to learn the chemistry of choosing the best wine for each dish.


There's no reason why you can't learn something on vacation, and also no reason why you can't have fun while learning. On Celebrity cruises you can learn to dance, learn a language, or perhaps take an art or jewelry making class. The line also has self-guided iPad tours, along with presentations from a range of expert speakers.


Celebrity believe in health and wellness, and have some of the best rejuvenation activities at sea. Take a Zumba or Boot Camp class, or relax with some yoga. Celebrity also have skin and acupuncture classes, along with fun nutrition activities.


Everyone can have fun on a Celebrity cruise, and activities range from lawn games to dancing. Splash around and play volleyball in the pool, try the interactive video games, or take part in a trivia competition.

Celebrity Kids

Kids are catered to on Celebrity cruises. The line aims to keep kids happy and engaged, so they'll have just as much fun as you will. Teens can take part in iTake, a video project involving filming and editing their own videos, and they can also relax in the many Xbox stations around the ship.

Kids are divided into groups by age, and the friendly staff will keep them entertained with fun activities all day. Babysitting is also available, so you can grab dinner or go see a show without worrying about the kids.

Celebrity Benefits

The Celebrity rewards program is called the Captains Club, and they use a tiered system to determine your benefits. There are three different ways to earn credits-the first is simply by sailing with Celebrity, the second is cruising for more than 12 nights, and the last is sailing in Concierge class, Aqua Class, or in a Suite Stateroom.

Benefits include upgrades, complimentary laundry service, priority embarkation, discount booklets, complimentary internet packages, and much more.