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Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises have a reputation for excellence and fun. With the most US departure points of any cruise line, Carnival are all about convenience, making it easier for you to get on board and start relaxing.

When comparing a Carnival Cruise to a resort vacation, it's easy to see the incredible value and savings. Even without counting the flights, an all-inclusive cruise is much cheaper than staying at a resort, and with Carnival you'll be unpacking once and arriving at a new and exciting destination almost every day.

Carnival came up with the idea of shorter, less expensive cruises to appeal to the American market and help you make the most of your vacation time. This is great if you're a first time cruiser and would like to try a cruise without spending too many days at sea.

Carnival has a massive twenty three ships operating around the world and in 2012 introduced the Carnival Breeze, a completely new ship in its Dream class.

In 2013 the Carnival Sunshine was reintroduced. The ship was previously the Carnival Destiny and underwent massive refurbishment. The ship has a passenger capacity of 3006, and as Carnival says: "Everything the sunlight touches on Carnival Sunshine has been doused with an extra dose of fun."

The Carnival Sunshine has a huge serenity area that takes up three decks and includes a waterfall, and a brand new Sunshine Atrium that is sure to impress. The kids will be kept happy in the onboard waterpark, and the ship has dining options from around the world.

Why Cruise with Carnival?

Think Carnival, and you think fun. These guys are all about entertainment, and providing tons of options for their passengers.

If you're looking for a sedate, quiet cruise then you'll need to look elsewhere because Carnival ships have an over-the-top, Vegas-like decor so you'll never forget that you're on vacation.

Carnival has some of the largest cabins at sea, and offer the best value for money out of all the cruise lines. If you're after a good deal, and want a great experience without breaking the bank, Carnival is the cruise line for you.

Carnival for Families

Ask the kids which ship they want to go on, and they're sure to point at the one with the giant waterslide on the top deck. Carnival knows exactly what kids want, and yours will have so much fun they won't want to leave the ship.

Kids of all ages will enjoy Camp Carnival, which has great counselors who'll ensure they have a good time. They'll be split into groups from 2-5, 6-8 and 9-11 years, and they'll love the play areas which have an awesome Dr Seuss vibe.

The Camp Carnival Night Owls is an after-dark babysitting service so you can spend the night having fun, while the kids do the same with their new friends.

Teens will love Club 02 where they can hang out with people their age and watch movies, do karaoke and have pool parties. They'll make "friends for life" and will be adding each other as friends on Facebook before the cruise has even ended.

Perhaps the biggest draw for the kids is Carnival Waterworks, the amazing onboard waterpark that features hundreds of feet of waterslides, including side by side slides for racing. The Carnival Sunshine is home to the Speedway Splash, which teams a thrilling waterslide with special lighting effects to make it even cooler.

Cruise Destinations with Carnival

Carnival cruises to many of the most popular destinations, including Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Australia, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and Alaska.

They have a wide range of itineraries and destinations available, so you're sure to find an amazing cruise for the whole family.


Carnival has a VIFP club (Very Important Fun Person), to reward repeat passengers. You can join the program before you've even cruised for the first time, and every day you cruise is a point you gain, which will unlock different benefits.

After your first cruise you'll be offered members only discounts, an e-newsletter, and a complimentary drink at Sunday brunch. As your points add up you'll be eligible for priority check-in, carnival gifts, arcade credits, laundry, and cabin upgrades to name a few.